Click on title of edit to load. Feel free to use them for your desktop. However, these are unique works that fans worked hard on and let me add to this site, so please do not reproduce at your website. Unless you have permission of the creator or they are otherwise marked, these are exclusive to The Official Danny Strong Website. Enjoy!

If you'd like to contribute a Danny background, wallpaper, collage, manipulated image, hotbar or anything along those lines, email me at


Strong Named - 1024 x 768 - by Mollow

Just Jonathan - 800 x 600 - by SocKs

Framed in Black and White - 540 x 540 - by Little Willow

Photo Edits

Earshot Collage - 600 x 450 - by Elusio

Superstar Print - 360 x 360 - by Little Willow Since there wasn't a print ad, I made my own.


Danny Hotbar - 349 x 59 - by KrazyKat (click & download from her site)

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