For He's a Jolly Good Fellow

Introduction from Little Willow: Unbeknownst to Danny at the time, I collected praise and happy quotes from fans from April 2000 ("Superstar" debut) to early June 2000 (his birthday) to surprise him with. What I received from fans was amazingly heartwarming, genuine, funny, insightful - not unlike Danny himself. Now, without further interruption, may I present the best of the best bits of support in no particular order. It reads rather like a yearbook or answering machine. Thank you to everyone who participated.












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Danny Strong is a paragon of purity in an imperfect world -- a beacon of hope to eyes that had thought never to see light again. Well, almost. He *is* one of the most all-around smart and talented people I have ever met and a genuinely warm and beautiful man. My favorite person. ~Jane Espenson, writer of "Earshot" & "Superstar"

If there is one thing that I can name offhand it is presence. I haven't personally had the pleasure of seeing Danny Strong perform onstage, but from what I've seen in numerous programs it is a joy. Back to the presence. Danny Strong is very recognizable, you can be watching a tv or movie and almost say "hey it's that kid" which eventually revolves into "Hey, isn't that Danny Strong?" Even in short scenes he makes a definite impression from the memorable "Vincent" in Seinfeld to the short lived Julian from Prophecy 2. There is of course the BtVS episodes that have been great fun to watch, lapsing into they "hey isn't that..." over and over into season three's Earshot which was a fabulous showcase into the the character shifting Jonathan of season four's Superstar.I've also had the pleasure of briefly meeting Danny Strong at the PBP and was pleased to know that he was very personable and pleasant. Also: Faith scream was the Angely Johnathon in duster shot. ~delf, loving those alternate opening credits

The episode was amazing..I enjoyed all bizarro Jonathan scenes..but what melted my heart was the ending, Jonathan in his typical jeans and a striped shirt..looking down and kicking the dirt. My heart broke. I wanted to give the character a hug. Danny is incredible in this role, as I've said for years..and no..the little crush isn't over *g* He is finally getting the recognition he deserves in this role and I wish nothing but wonderful things for this tallented actor in the future. Danny, I adore you. ~Adina

I have a mini-speech: Not to put down my fave show or anything, but due to the re-runs and due to these zaniness in character after character, it was nice to sit down and finally see an episode where I'm not questioning anything...I'm not wondering the "What's next?" I'm just sitting there and revelling in the Jonathan...the mind of Jonathan...where confidence is somehow peaceful. I mean, thinking back right now and I remember Xander telling everyone how Jonathan made him feel so sure of himself. Now when have we ever heard Xander say that? And I think I really enjoyed tonight because there was a true, clear-cut message instead of the head-turning "lights, camera, action," kind of deal. If you have confidence in yourself...if you work towards can can achieve, but you can't take the easy way can't falsify yourself...because in the end the truth will come out. ~Charity aka Taygeta E...all genius. ~Angela

Whether acting as general whipping boy, being shot at, or as the "dip" guy, Jonathon has become one of the family on Buffy. The fans love him. Danny Strong proves there are no small parts... ~Autumn

Your performance in "Earshot" was amazing. It would have been so easy for those scenes to go a different direction, illiciting annoyance from viewers. It is very easy to slip into melodrama in teenage suicide scenes. However, Danny made it impossible _not_ to empathize with the character. The viewer did pity Johnathan, but didn't look down on him. He walked a thin line, appearing lost but not weak. In "Superstar", Danny showed quite a flair for comedy. He latched onto the very subtle humor that Joss was playing with, going just enough over the top. I kept laughing out loud at his mannerisms... his ridiculous perfection... And he also did the impossible--he turned a character completely around for most of the episode and then brought him right back again at the end. I never thought I'd find Johanthan sexy, but he pulled it off. _Really_ sexy. Wow. And then he hid it all again in the last scene with Buffy, like magic. It is obvious that Danny Strong is a talented actor. well, hope you still needed that... take care. ~Kristin

Danny, I admit that "Buffy" is about the only thing I've seen you in, but based on those performances alone, I am very impressed with your acting ability. You've managed to play Jonathan (however you prefer it spelled *G*) as a shy, insecure, depressed person and done it wonderfully. Then in "Superstar," you turn around and play that same character as secure and self-assured and are totally convincing in that too! I was very impressed. Bravo to you! Keep up the good work because I always look forward to more appearances from "Jonathan" on the show. :) ~Vik

I got to meet Danny for the first time at the PBP2000. He was a very sweet guy. He had no problem taking the time to take a picture with me. I love him as Jonathan. He protrays him very well. Jonathan is a great character. It's great to see him on the show. Danny is a great actor and a great person. ( I mean he didn't run away from me when I just started babbling to him...that is always a plus.) ~Michelle EvilS I T

All the praise I offer you is sincere. Danny, I look up to you. Okay, yes, literally since you managed to be two inches taller than I. But truly, figuratively, as well. I owe you a large amount. Knowing that you are right there when I need someone to talk to about anything, be it an audition, a life crisis or a ramble is a great feeling. You are talented - You are trustworthy - You are a fabulous guy. I feel so blessed to know you. Thank you for being a source of inspiration and support. You're a rock star, mister. ~Little Willow

And last but not least: From the night Superstar debuted:

I will say I learned one thing tonight- Danny is hot. Hehehe. ~Keri