From TribuneOnline BtVS/Angel Newsletter for the week of March 26th, 2000:

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Not that we don't appreciate all our favorite BTVS eps being rerun in the past few weeks, but we've been forever hankering for something fresh. So it's amusing that the first fresh show in weeks will feature "Mr. Recurring Character Himself," Jonathan. Yes, the boy who nearly slayed himself in the clock tower in "Earshot" and received serious camera time in several other episodes, will soon rule the world. "Superstar" will air in two weeks and it's time for Jonathan (Danny Strong) to really shine. The normally meek and humble boy will create an alternative universe where he is a superstar. It's one of those episodes where everything is altered because one character has deemed it so. Word on the street is that the opening credits have even been modified to reflect Jonathon's superstar status. Can't wait.