The Watcher's Web - Danny Strong Feature (May 11th, 2000)

Note from Little Willow: I was more than happy to set up an interview between The Watcher's Web reporter Rob and Danny. Rob sent some excellent questions, Danny matched right up with answers, and WW had it up that very night! This is the wacky half of the interview. Read, then continue to the serious half. . .













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Very big thanks to Danny for answering these questions with great wit and style and to Little Willow for making it all happen

Fresh from today's announcement of nine 'Tony' award nominations for his one-man Broadway show 'Danny' and on the eve of his first solo space shuttle mission, Danny Strong took time out to grant a few brief words to his loyal fans here at The Jonathan Web:

TWW: Big decisions ahead for your summer movie roles. Will you be taking on the part of Anakin Skywalker or Spiderman? How are your rewrites of Star Wars: Episode 2 and The Matrix 2 & 3 going?

DS: We're trying to work it out so I can play both parts. George (Lucas) is begging me to do a rewrite, but he wants to make Anakin Skywalker a cross dresser which I find a spirited but peculiar choice. He keeps asking me for Sarah Michelle Gellar's phone number which is getting a little awkward. Spiderman would be great because I would get to show the world how perfect my body is. Weights are my life, and it's about time I bring that aspect of my existence to the big screen. My fans deserve it. The Matrix 2 & 3 rewrites are going fine. I'm trying to work it out so that Carrie Anne Moss is naked in every scene in the film. It's tricky, but if anyone can pull it off, it's definitely me.

TWW: The Jonathan Swimsuit Calendar featured in ‘Superstar’ has launched you on a spectacular modelling career too. Do you tire of being seen as just a pin-up by millions of young girls?

DS: Sure it gets tiring, but it's the price you pay for being a teen idol. N'Sync wants me to tour with them, but I'm too busy with my weight training (see previous answer). I find having my clothes ripped off by twelve year old girls everywhere I go flattering, but a little tiresome. It's also kind of frustrating because they're all taller than me. As Brad Pitt once said, "With beauty comes more responsibility." How true it is.

TWW: Do the actors playing smaller parts in the show (Sarah Michelle Gellar for example) come to you for a lot of advice and assistance?

DS: Absolutely. Especially Tony Head. That poor bastard couldn't tie his shoes if I wasn't there. Things have been good since Charisma left the show because there was a lot of tension between us since the break up. Since I direct most of the episodes (and I always have to rewrite Joss) the advice and assistance just seems to be a natural extension of my duties on the show.

TWW: Will Jonathan and Angel ever get back together?

DS: It's a story line that I wasn't very fond of, but I know it meant a lot to David, so who knows, stranger things could happen. They might even give his character a series of his own, but I doubt it.