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// viewing // This week's TV listings are as follows:

Saturday 01/13/00 - Perpetrators of the Crime - 5:00 PM @ Cinemax

Clueless - TV series - airs all week long in syndication in the United States. Check local listings for channel and time. Monday through Friday tends to be in the afternoon, while weekend showings are usually in the morning. Meanwhile, for Australian fans, Clueless airs on FOX8 on Foxtel at 6:30 PM weeknights.

// con goer // Danny will be appearing at CoastCon from March 16-18, 2001. CoastCon will be held at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center - 2350 Beach Boulevard - Biloxi, MS 39531 The con costs $30 at the door, but is cheaper if you register now; meanwhile, children under 9 years of age are allowed in FREE of charge with the purchase of an adult registration. See the CoastCon website for more information and to register. Support CoastCon by saving this banner, adding it to your website and linking it back to http://CoastCon.org

// in print // Danny has had his script for Die Harry Die optioned and was recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter. [ ...read more... ]

// slaying // Danny is interviewed in the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer companion, The Watcher's Guide Vol. 2, which is now available in stores. He also was selected to be one of the actors with rare autograph cards in the newest batch of BtVS trading cards, and his episode Earshot is included in the upcoming BtVS home videos.

// picture this // Added a random photo of Danny with Larry Bagby to the PBP 2000 gallery. Raven sent me the image, and we aren't sure who took it. If you were the photographer, let me know so I may credit you properly. Thanks!

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// drawing // News on the Jonathan BtVS comic. [ ...read more... ]

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