Comic Announcement - BtVS Comic #22 (July 2000) - by Scott Allie, from Dark Horse Comics




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A little while ago, George Snyder at Buffy the Vampire Slayer contacted us with a very interesting proposal. The script for "Superstar," a very different episode of Buffy, has just been completed, and they were in need of a prop. Jonathan, prince of all media, needed to star in his own comic book, so they asked us to lend a hand.

In relatively no time, Jeff Matsuda cranked out these three drawings. They were just what we were looking for. Jon Sibal inked two of them, and Jeff inked the third. Dark Horse's resident color wiz Dan Jackson colored all three of them, and Keith Wood, who's also responsible for the recent redesign on Buffy 20, created the logo, which everyone involved agreed was spot on -- far better than we'd hoped for. After all, this is a one-time gag. The episode aired April 4, and the comics appeared for all of about two seconds. I wanted to thank everyone mentioned above, who did a great job in very little time with nothing more than a TV script to go on. I just got off the phone with Jane Espenson, who wrote the "Superstar" episode of Buffy. She's going to be writing a special Jonathan one-shot for Dark Horse coming this winter. -- Scott Allie

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